Volunteer Faculty

Summer Camping Program Staffing

The summer camping program is completely staffed by volunteers from our area member churches and Bible colleges.

Camp Faculty and Volunteers

Each of the sessions Hilltop offers is led by a dean – a volunteer who has been chosen by the manager and approved by the Hilltop board of directors. The dean of each session has the responsibility of recruiting volunteers to work with the campers. The dean also oversees the week’s programming according to the theme of the summer. If you love young people and have a deep desire to impact their lives for Christ you are wanted for the 2018 summer camping program. You may contact the dean of the session you are interested in working with that is listed with the 2018 camp schedule. Or you may contact Hilltop via phone at 812-988-4991 or e-mail us at hilltop@hilltopchristiancamp.com.

Volunteer Work Projects

In addition to the need for volunteer faculty members for the summer, Hilltop depends a great deal upon volunteers to assist with various work projects that are essential in helping to maintain the grounds and facilities. Individuals, youth groups and youth or adult Sunday school classes have been a tremendous blessing to the camp over the years as they have assisted in such projects as ongoing yard work (mowing, raking leaves, picking up limbs, etc.) in addition to cleaning, painting, cutting & splitting firewood, minor maintenance and repairs and an occasional major building project. Please contact the camp at 812-988-4991 for more information on when and how you can be involved in serving the cause of Christ at Hilltop as a volunteer.

Please note all volunteer faculty members must:

  • be attending, active members of a nondenominational Christian Church or Church of Christ.
  • be college age or older, except for Day Camp or Ice Breakers, in which, top quality high school juniors or seniors may be used as “helpers” only.
  • be willing to abide by the “Rules for Camp Life,” “Standards of Conduct,” & “Code of Conduct” included in your faculty manual. Complete an online “Volunteer Personnel Form,” affirm agreement with our “Statement of Faith,” confirm your Christian character with our “Behavioral Covanent” & consent to a background check. Click the box below to complete the required form prior to the session for which you are volunteering. You need only complete the form one time for multiple sessions. A detailed Statement of Faith is included in your faculty manual. After submitting your Volunteer Form, click on the background link at the top right side of the online Volunteer form if you need a background check. You will enter your personal information at the secure Protect My Ministry web site. If providing a copy of a current background check (not more than 3 years old), or obtaining a signed statement from an organization holding a background check that is no more than 3 years old, please provide it at least 2 weeks prior to the session of camp you are working.

Become a member of Hilltop Volunteer Faculty

Drop us a line with your desire to become part of the Hilltop Christian Camp staff